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Beat Balzli: Trustees of the Reich - index
from: Peter Balzli: Treuhänder des Reichs. Eine Spurensuche. Werd-Verlag, Zürich 1997

Translation by Michael Palomino

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Chapter 1: Switzerland and "hot money" (1933-1940)

A case of a Jewish manager, changed name - with dark lies some 10,000 Reichsmark (RM) are saved in Switzerland an in the "USA" - probably never fetched -- political events in Europe 1933-1938 - civil war in Spain -- "hot money" - billions are deposed in Switzerland by fear - and fetched - and deposed again -- supplement: not served Jewish bank accounts from 1940 on - billions falling into Swiss hands - no deal with Jewish communities

Chapter 2: Doubled bottoms (in Swiss banks)

Jewish fortunes from France, Poland, CSSR, and Hungary - main banks are the three Swiss high street banks - Jewish little bank Wohl & Co. -- Germany tightening currency regulations against Swiss smugglers step by step -- fund's smuggler Wegener - German lawyer with an own bank in Switzerland -- smuggling assets in suit cases with doubled bottoms -- fund's smuggler Walter Welti - a train conductor in the night train collaborating with a Swiss Jewish woman

Chapter 3: Blocked by official authorities

Swiss people abroad only getting diplomatic support when this was pleasing to the Nazi members of government in Berne - example ambassador Frölicher -- the invention of the J stamp against "Verjudung" of Switzerland -- fortunes of Swiss Jews in France in 1940 - National Bank of Switzerland blocking transfers -- diplomatic representations for 43 states in 35 countries: example of Argentina

Chapter 4-1: Raid in the Alps

Chapter 5: Undermined, bribed, and spied

Part 1: German currency investigators and Gestapo have best connections. Corrupt staff members leaving bank secret - or let distribute fortunes - robbery of account in the case of Mr. Josef Blum at UBS, position Nº 21300 -- thesis: all Jewish accounts without account owner were liquidated in 1941 - as a "prevention" before a Hitler invasion - or other possibilities -- undermined: financial espionage of the Third Reich in Switzerland since 1933 - German bribes for Swiss banking staff members

Part 2: Undermined: political and military espionage: Indepted Swiss lawyer Neidhart from Basel serving for NSDAP -- "selling" of Jews in jail by the Third Reich -- spied: betrayal of banking data to Nazi Germany by the family mafia of Neidhart in high street bank of CS -- bribe of Swiss authorities by the NS state: jewelry, diamonds, gold, commercial papers etc.

Chapter 6. Brilliant business [shining Jewish diamonds]

Part 1: False statement of Mr. Rudolf Höss about Auschwitz in Nuremberg 1946 -- statement of Mr. Rudolf Höss in Warsaw 1947 about rail cars with Jewish goods from Auschwitz -- pawn offices - concentration camps - dealers for looted objects in Switzerland - Swiss public is not interested in dealing of stolen Jewish goods -- Swiss customers for Jewish objects - Jewish diamonds mostly at Parade Square in Zurich

Eidgenössische Bank = Confederate Bank
Schweizerischer Bankverein = Swiss Bank Corporation