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Basel: "Animal Circle" group as a criminal international pedophile ring - and many victims


translated into English and presented by Michael Palomino (2011 / 2015)


In 1964 already "Animal Circle" was founded in Basel. This circle began as a normal hunting party and then developed criminal habits. The members partly were adherents of sexual lethal torture with children, and there are indications for connections to the Dutroux case in Belgium, to child trafficking and murder of children. Members of this criminal group are doctors (physicians), chemists, pharmacists, lawyers, and businessmen, and according to some more indications also judges of justice who are protecting this criminal group.

These criminal pedophile members of "Animal Circle" gave themselves names of animals (names were e.g. crocodile, eagle etc.)
. They attracted systematically drug-addicted rent boys, and therefore drug-addicted children and teens were their victims. They were lured with drugs, and in the case of doubt they were presented as not credible (and this is going on until today in 2011).

this method, criminal pederasty is belittled in Animal Circle systematically because there would be "no proofs". At the end the daily journal "Basel Newspaper" ("Basler Zeitung") is belittling (article of 16 July 1998) that there would not be involved famous politicians on the list of "Animal Circle". "Animal Circle" would be only a club of gays, and all would be exaggerated by Zurich press (neighbor town of Basel). Well, a list can be changed always when the list was never published before. Until today (2011) this list has never been published, because all criminalities committed with boys and teens had expired by limitation in 1998, justice said...

Michael Palomino, 19.11.2010

Swiss newspaper articles about criminal pedophile "Animal Circle" (German: "Tierkreis")


5 July 1998: <The name of the boss was Crocodile> - criminal pedophile ring "Animal Circle" in Basel with many children and teens as victims

One of the victims is called "moorhen" ("Sumpfhuhn") and at the beginning was 14 years old, now (in 1998) is 29 years old - the boss is called "crocodile" ("Krokodil") and is a procurator - member "elephant" is a doctor (physician) and is a private lecturer Y.Z. with Dr. title - member "Ice Bear" ("Eisbär") is a pharmacologist U.J. - member "white monkey" ("Weisser Affe") is a well known hairdresser working in France at the moment (in 1998) - member "little weasel" ("Wieseli") is a landlord X.Y. - member "Eagle" ("Adler") is a businessmen P.L. - after 15 years of torture Lucky could get out of this Animal Circle telling details of the criminal pedophiles in this "Animal Circle" - child porno films - trips to Thailand and to the Philippines

from: Sunday's Blick (Sonntagsblick): Der Chef nennt sich Krokodil; 5 July 1998; edition no. 27; page A2; translated by Michael Palomino

<By Carl Just

Basel - "Moorhen" [the nickname of victim Lucky] is singing out [ is telling the truth] - and highly reputated people of Basel cannot sleep any more: doctors, chemists and managers had installed a perverse "Animal Circle" on the Rhine Knee [in the town of Basel]. The victims of these sado maso plays were obtained on baby prostitution locations!

"Lucky" had 14 years and was depending on the needle.This young junky got the money for his heroine consumption by working as a rent boy - in well known parks and bars in Basel on the Rhine.

"One evening a person in restaurant 'Push' (Basel German: 'Dupf') came and pled him to another table. 'Crocodile' wanted to speak to him, Lukas Frey remembers. Today, he is 29 years old, and he can well remember how all began.

"Fresh flesh for Animal Circle"

[Lukas Frey (alias "Lucky") was engaged in 1983 - some members of criminal pedophile Animal Circle]

Crocodile was interested in Lucky. Crocodile was the procurator R.F. He came from a well reputated producer's family living from the benefits of their properties.

Crocodile and this young rent boy made a deal in some minutes. "I need money for my drugs - and he needs fresh flesh for his Animal Circle", Lucky said.

Since the 1980s the procurator Croco was managing a secret sex ring disguised as an animal circle. District attorney Judie Melzl also uttered the names of well reputated people of Basel who are members of this perverse circle:

There is an "Elephant" ("Elefant"), he is a doctor (physician) and a private lecturer, Dr. Y.Z. He is said having planned to pay 10,000 Swiss Francs to Lucky, but then refused.

There is an "Ice Bear" ("Eisbär"), pharmacologist U.J, member of the sex ring.

Another member is "White Monkey" ("Weisser Affe"), a well known hairdresser from Basel working in France now.

The landlord X.Y. is called "Little Weasel" (Basel German: "Wieseli").

And there is a manager P.L. called "Eagle".

[Services every week - and regular trips to Thailand and to the Philippines]

"I had to visit Croco ("Kroko") every Tuesday", Lucky reports to Sunday's Blick. "In the cellar there were the hardest parties - with much alcohol and with painful sado maso plays. Croco, Ice Bear, Little Weasel and the others were slobbering over child porno films - and then were sucked and satisfied sexually by the boys. The Animal Circle regularly had trips to Thailand and to the Philippines. Boys are cheaper in Far East, they declared."

[Victim Lucky gets an own animal name "rail" (a moorhen)]

Lucky advanced rapidly as a favorite rent boy for Croco. Animal Circle was honoring him with a trophy for "the sweetest sucking mouth". And at the end Croco rewarded the rent boy with the admission into the Animal Circle - Lucky got the name of "rail", the name of a moorhen.

The perverse archives of Crocodile - [photos and underwear of boys]

Lucky: "Croco also had a catalog with photos of the ass and the genitalia of each boy. Every rent boy had to give worn undershorts for his 'archives'."

[Lucky also is abused by a doctor Dr. K.: sucking service for methadone]

Torture with whiskey and drugs had a price: At the end Lucky was with doctor Dr. K. - and Lucky wanted to get rid of heroine with methadone. Dr. K. was not member of the Animal Circle, but nevertheless there was sex. "I had to satisfy the doctor orally getting the methadone", Lucky claimed (see page 4).

[Lucky's exit - a projected trip to Thailand for watching a lethal torture]

At least this: By methadone Lucky succeeded with his exit from the drugs, and a social worker is helping him getting a rent of invalidity. Now he also has got the courage for an exit from Animal Circle: "The practices were always more brutal - and without drugs the pains were doubled or tripled", Lucky declared.

But the definite end with Animal Circle came for Lucky when the bosses were planning a trip again: "They wanted to Thailand watching pedophiles killing a child by torture", Lucky said.

Sunday's Blick also confronted procurator R.F. with the reproaches. But Crocodile (Krokodil) refused to speak: "Lucky is a Trudi Gerster [well known Basel woman telling children's stories in a brilliant way], an aunt of children's stories", he declared.

But Crocodile will be forced to comment the answers. Lucky's report to Sunday's Blick was deposed also with Basel justice.

"We are investigating since 21 April [1998]. At the moment we are making the basic work. When there is a suspicion confirmed then we also will act", detective superintendent Markus Melzl declared, the speaker of Basel prosecution department.

-- since 15 years a men's ring is celebrating perverse sex parties in Basel
-- the members are disguising themselves by names of animals
-- the victims are provided on baby prostitution spots
-- since April [1998] Basel justice is investigating
-- when this dreadful work will be stopped?


With animal codes chasing children

In the cellar of "Crocodile" ("Krokodil") members of the Basel high society (academics and businessmen) are celebrating perverse sex parties with children and teens from baby prostitution since years. As a disguise these members of Basel upper class are called with animal names.

Crocodile (Krokodil)
Procurator R.F. is the boss of Animal Circle. In his house Lucky let himself torture for years.

White Monkey (Weisser Affe)
"White Monkey" is a well known star hairdresser from Basel working in France with prominent people.

Eagle (Adler)
He is the businessman P.L.

Little Weasel (Wieseli)
This is the landlord of a restaurant X.Y.

Ice Bear (Eisbär)
He is the pharmacologist U.J.

Elephant (Elefant)
He is a doctor (physician) and private lecturer and is well known in Basel. He wanted to pay 10,000 Swiss Franks for Lucky.

Rail (Ralle)
Lucky was called "Rail", a moorhen, by "Crocodile", when Crocodile promoted his favorite rent boy. Since Lucky is presenting the facts, the members of Animal Circle are afraid of justice.

In this manner the doctor Dr. K. was crumbling over sex affair with Lucky, page 4.



5 July 1998: <The deep fall of Dr. K.>

from: Der tiefe Fall des Dr. K.; Sunday's Blick; 5 July 1998, number 27, page A4

<by Carl Just

BASEL - A prominent academic person has got victim of Lucky already: Dr. K. (70) had sex with the rent boy in his medical office and had to end his career under bad circumstances.

[Sex for methadone, as much as he wants - the Dr. is calling himself as a "naive poor devil" ("naiver Tropf")]

This doctor is an athletic person, well tanned, and looking well. The patient is the contrary, with marks everywhere, pale, bad looking by alcohol and drugs. Dr. K. and this rent boy Lucky were an unequal pair.

"Lucky succeeded stirring me up sexually - my brain was not working", Dr. K. is telling today in an embarrassed way.

Lucky got methadone from Dr. K. for six years. "When I told Dr. K. from Animal Circle of Croco, this doctor was presenting himself from one moment to the other with an erected penis telling me: "Look what you have done with me!" And this was the beginning forcing Lucky sucking and satisfying him orally regularly - also in his private home. "For this service I got as much methadone as he wanted", Lucky claims.

"Nonsense. Lucky seduced me. He knew how is working this. And I was a naive poor devil", the doctor responds.

[Lawsuit is stopped "due to insufficient evidence" - but the doctor has to leave his work in the children's hospital because of his age]

In 1995 the chief doctor physician of the town of Basel was told from the odd affair between Lucky and the doctor who was 40 years older. The chief doctor filed a charge because of "exploiting a hardship".

One year later the public prosecution department stopped the lawsuit against the well reputated family father "due to insufficient evidence". During the investigation the doctor had avowed that he had sex with Lucky "about five times" - but the rent boy had been the active part.

"I always have worked hard for my patients. My family is claiming that I had a helper syndrome. And Lucky was extremely without help", the doctor said when Sundays' Blick was confronting the doctor with this case on Friday.

Shortly after the "verdict of not guilty" Dr. K. gave his doctor's office to his son-in-law in 1996. He had to leave his seat in the commission of Basel children hospital - by pressure of sanitary head office: "Government deputy Veronica Schaller forced me to resign - but I could give an explanation because of my age", Dr. K. declared. The children's hospital even honored the leaving doctor with a celebration.

Appearances were safed - but this brilliant career of Dr. K. got an embarrassing end.

Perhaps this case will end with another end before a judge: Public prosecution service reopened the lawsuit against Dr. K.>


Blick, Logo

6 July 1998: <Perverse sex parties with boys - accepted until today>

Public prosecution service of Basel let working on the pedophile "club" without any reason for 2 more years - the names of animals - "doctors, chemists, pharmacologists, lawyers, and businessmen"

from: Perverse Sexpartys mit Buben - bis heute geduldet; Blick; 6 July 1998; number 153, page 2

<by Beat Alder

BASEL - Well reputated honest men had their meetings with secret ring "Animal Circle" celebrating perverse sex parties. Until one of the victims was telling the events. Now came out: The Basel prosecution service was watching the work of this circle since a long time - without acting!

Until now the Basel public prosecution service was not interested in this sex ring. But the authorities had information about this Animal Circle since almost two years.

"Now we are investigating very hard", public prosecutor Judie Melzl indicated to BLICK two weeks ago. And went on holiday!

Why the authorities did not investigate the case hardly she could not declare.

[This behavior of Basel public prosecution service provokes the suspicion that a "high animal" of Basel public prosecution service itself could be a member there - eventually a boss].

The members of Animal Circle are well reputated citizens: doctors (physicians), chemists, pharmacologists, lawyers, and businessmen. They all have a common favorite passion of perverse sex with boys.

At the top of Animal Circle there is "Crocodile" ("Krokodil"), a businessmen of over 60 years. His town hose of three floors in best address in Basel West was the center of this secret ring for years.

"Elephant" ("Elefant") is a well reputated specialized doctor, "Ice Bear" ("Eisbär") is a pharmacologist. A landlord of Basel Country is known as "Little Weasel" ("Wieseli"). One of the businessmen was called "Eagle" ("Adler"), a hairdresser of prominent people was called "White Monkey" participating in the parties.

[The victims are drug children systematically]

One of the victims is Lukas "Lucky" Frey, today 29 years old. He knows about this Animal Circle by his own painful experience. When he was 14 years old, Lucky got caught in the clutches of "Croco" ("Kroko").

"My turn was every Tuesday", methadone dependent ex junky reported to Sunday's Blick. Also the other victims of the "Animals" were caught between their drug addiction and slavery: The "animals" paid well.

[Pediatrician Dr. K. - president of the children's hospital's commission - gave to Lucky methadone for sex]

Lucky wanted his exit. He addressed himself to pediatrician Dr. K. and got methadone from him. But he had to pay with sex. Dr. K. knew all about the "animals". Lucky: "He was really hot getting all details told by me."

Basel public prosecution service did not see any reason to accuse the prominent doctor and president of the children's hospital's commission of these times. The lawsuit was stopped!

Now it will be reopened.>


Tagesanzeiger, Logo

8 July 1998: <Reverse side: The "Animal Circle" was a sex ring> - the boss was called "Crocodile" - and boys and teens were abused for decades

from: Kehrseite: Der "Tierkreis" war ein Sexzirkel"; Tagesanzeiger; 8 July 1998, page 14

<Thomas Renold.

Basel. - In Basel  an organization was detected with the pseudonym "Animal Circle" (orig. German: "Tierkreis"). There is the suspicion that teens were sexually abused. The investigation against a 70 years old doctor (physician) got the way for the detection of the "Animal Circle". A former patient of the doctor had filed a charge because of sexual abuse, public prosecution service in Basel reported. There were investigations two years before already against this doctor. There was no confirmation of the reproaches and the lawsuit was stopped by public prosecution service two years ago.

The boss of "Animal Circle" was a 64 years old man with the pseudonym of "Crocodile" (orig. German: "Krokodil"). At a house search photos of naked men, porno material and lists of names were found, detective superintendent Markus Melzl said. The members of the sex gang would be all of the region of Basel. The investigation should show if there were criminal sexual practice or sexual action with minors.

According to the reports of the patient (who was in treatment against his addiction to heroine with the doctor) the members of the "Animal Circle" are also prominent men. Boys and teens had been abused sexually during decades.



Basler Zeitung
              online, Logo

8.7.1998: <"Animal Circle": porno material detected>

from: "Tierkreis": Porno-Material entdeckt; Basler Zeitung; 8.7.1998; edition no. 156, page 27

<vks Valentin Kressler

During investigations against the organization "Animal Circle" the public prosecution service found something. On Monday evening there was a house search and lots of porno material was detected. If there are criminal things will be investigated.

vks. "Basel sex circle detected! - doctors and managers abused children", this was the title of Sunday's Blick at the past weekend, and by this was publishing the investigation of public prosecution service of the town of Basel against an organization with it's name "Animal Circle". There are "prominent" members of Basel upper class executing criminal sexual practices and actions Markus Melzl said, chief of media and information of public prosecution service (compare BaZ of 6 July).

Lots of material - [the house search of two days ago on Monday with the 64 years old boss of Animal Circle "Crocodile" - masses of porno films- but no pretrial imprisonment]

Yesterday on Tuesday Basel public prosecution service gave out a new message to the public: In a communique the investigation authority communicated that there had been a house search on Monday evening in the flat of one of the members of "Animal Circle", a 64 years old man, and a lot of porno material had been found and lots of documents referring to this organization "Animal Circle". There was found "a lot of material", precised Melzl in a communication with the BaZ (Basel Newspaper, "Basler Zeitung"). At the one hand there was a big collection of films and photos, among others 98 rolls super 8 films, and at the other hand there are names and data of members of the organization.

"But at the first sight the material of the house search only contains pictures of naked young men and not of minors", the speaker of the public prosecution service declared. In the next days there has to be investigated first if the confiscated material is legal porn, or if there are also criminal elements. In the center of the investigation is the group for sexual criminalities of the police authority are sexual actions with children, sexual compulsion and prohibited porn. As mentioned by Melzl in BaZ from Monday the investigation authorities had known about this organization only since a short time ago.

[But this is a big lie, because the people of Basel public prosecution service simply did not believe anything].

"Basel is not a large city. We had known for sure if there had been sexual action with children for years."

According to Melzl this 64 years old man where had been performed the house search was the head of the organization "Animal Circle". The search was performed in his private flat and in the headquarter of the group in Great Basel (Grossbasel). The former procurator is known with the pseudonym "crocodile" and is not a "prominent". The man is free and not in pretrial imprisonment because according to public prosecution service there had been no reasons for any imprisonment. "He had had the possibility to hide the material and to fly himself", this was Melzl's reasoning for the procedure.

Three more members - [a pharmacist - a doctor (physician) - and a landlord from Basel Country (Basel-Land, BL)]

There are three more members as the investigation about the organization "Animal Circle" shows, for example a pharmacist and a doctor (physician) from the town of Basel, and a landlord from canton of Basel Country (Baselland). But a house search with these three persons would be discussed only when there had been detected criminal material, Melzl said as a response to a referring question to the BaZ (Basel Newspaper, Basler Zeitung). "Further steps depend on the investigation."

[Instead investigating more children victims and put the whole group into prison, the public prosecution service of Basel is watching only 98 films...]

[The doctor of Lucky blackmailed the patient with oral sex for methadone]

According to Melzl Basel public prosecution service got news from the organization "Animal Circle" within an investigation before two and a half years when there was a lawsuit against a doctor of Basel of today 70 years and retreated. This doctor is allegedly said having blackmailed a 29 years old man ["Lucky"] for sexual satisfaction before giving him the methadone. Within this investigation there is no news at this time, Melzl declared.>



9 July 1998: <Cruel sex games> - the headquarter of "Animal Circle" was a green house with a crocodile near Rifleman Meadow Park (Schützenmattpark)

House owner and "businessman" R.F. is the "crocodile" ("Krokodil"), called "croco" ("Kroko"), and he has his criminal pedophile "club" since the beginning of the 1980s. The criminal pedophile members are "exclusively men, mainly academics, businessmen, doctors, and landlords". There is e.g. a university lecturer called "Elephant" ("Elefant"), a doctor called "Ice Bear" ("Eisbär") with an own doctor's office. Here are statements of the victim "Lucky".

from: FACTS: Grauenvolle Sexspiele; 9 July 1998, edition no. 28, page 33

<This men ring with pseudonym Animal Circle had been detected much earlier.

From Simon Hubacher

There is a two stored town house near the Rifleman Meadow Park (Schützenmattpark) in Basel, and the house is in green. This is not a normal color in this quiet barrier, and it makes the house different. Add to this also the little picture is not normal on the front door showing a crocodile. Neighbors remember that this house had it's shutters shut early in the afternoon already many times. But nobody had a feeling of a threat. The next police station is only some meters away. [So, this house is in a short distance from Meadow Place (Wiesenplatz). The police station was shut down in 2008 about].

Well, the policemen had not a long way to go on Monday. At 17 o'clock the investigators of Basel criminal police came to the entrance presenting a house search decree at. Before the house was under observation. The green color and the sticker of the crocodile also were reasons entering this house.

[Criminal pedophile boss and criminal pedophile members - "academics, businessmen, doctors and landlords"]

The owner is a 64 years old businessman R.F. from Basel, called "Croco" ("Kroko") by his friends. There is the suspicion that he was the leader of a secret circle of men since the 1980s, and this secret circle had the pseudonym Animal Circle (Tierkreis), and the members had all pseudonyms with names of animals. They are said having forced rent boys from Basel gay circles and minor boys to dreadful, violent sexual actions on sex parties - under effect of drug abuse.

In the green house the authorities found "a lot of material of evidence", with many videos, with 98 older super 8 films, and with boxes with private videos showing naked men and youths. Add to this name lists with possible members of the sex circle were found. According to first investigation results the members were exclusively men, mainly academics, businessmen, doctors and landlords - all from the Basel upper class.

Already before the house search the authorities knew the identities of half a dozen members of Animal Circle, among them two medics: one is university lecturer with pseudonym Elephant, and another is a doctor with a pseudonym Ice Bear with an own doctor's office.

[For a long time the employees of public prosecution service did not believe to Lucky - the bestialities in the green house - parties with pedophile films up to killing children - crocodile is free due to insufficient evidence]

It's spectacular that the officials had basically found anything. For a long time they did not believe to the only witness. Witness Lucky, who was drug addicted and a rent boy in former times, indicated that he had been in the clutches of the men circle since the 1990s. Past April he prescribed details to Basel employee of public prosecution service, Judie Melzl, during a four hour interrogation, prescribing the atrocities which were performed in this green house.

This protocol became a protocol of the unbelievable. Lucky with 22 [14?] years got the first time in contact with R.F. [the "Crocodile"] and was introduced into the circle. He advanced rapidly to be a favorite boy for the party visitors. Every Wednesday there was the action. "At 15 o'clock Crocodile took his drink (Appenzeller), then he prepared his first joint and waited for the guests", Lucky remembers. In the cellar of the green house is the wine depot, aside is a bar and a little disco. At the wall there is a big screen, and there is also the big collection of films - forbidden videos with sexual action with children, with sadistic torture and sodomite torture. Also lethal actions are said having been in the films. At the wall Crocodile had installed an invitation from the police because of the suspicion of abuse. "Croco laughed when he saw the document", Lucky said, "never was any proof for anything."

[The Crocodile's "album" with the "register photos" of the boys - violation and drinking urine - mutilation with cigarettes]

Crocodile showed Lucky a book full of photos of young men in three positions: face, ass, and penis. Like a slave Lucky had to suffer hardest and painful men's sex. For cash financing his drug addiction. Lucky was drinking urine and was mutilating nipples. When regular guests were mutilating Lucky with cigarettes and when they wanted to burn him a K on the back - like Crocodile (German: Krokodil) - he made his exit.

[Police and public prosecution service did not believe the indications for a long time]

According to Lucky's report and to the report of his legal guardian the authorities got first indications about abuse of minors and dependents in this organized style before two years already. There were indications - but they were not believed for a long time. For sure there was a freight of a big scandal. Also according to Lucky's statement of April of this year [April 1998] the public prosecution service was without action first. Up to the house search 10 weeks were passing.

The fact that there was evidence found in the green house also makes possible another conclusion, that the activities of the Animal Circle had stopped before a certain time, but that the members felt safe and did not feel necessary to eliminate the evidence.

[The canton's doctor Hanspeter Rohr knew about "Animal Circle" a long time ago, but meant that all would be adult homos]

One who knew about the strange sex ring at least a little bit for a longer time was Basel canton's doctor Hanspeter Rohr. He got to know about these strange and secret meetings during another investigation at the end of 1996. But Rohr was convinced that the present persons of the meetings were only adult homos. Also blaming an involved doctor (physician) by Rohr was without consequences. He trusted in the exchange of data with Basel public prosecution service. But Markus Melzl, speaker of public prosecution service, does not want anything of this: "There was no such information". In the meantime canton's doctor Rohr is convinced that the investigation of before was stopped forwardly.

[Meeting of "Animal Circle" also in the holiday home of "Ice Bear" in Spain - speculations with a connection to the Dutroux case - projected trip to Thailand watching a lethal torture]

This investigation against Animal Circle will be a wide investigation at the end. Members of the sex club are said having performed meetings regularly in the holiday home of "Ice Bear" in Spain. "Crocodile" had fostered international contacts to sadistic men. There are also indications that there had been a connection to Belgian child abuser Marc Dutroux, but this is only speculation until today. There is other data about a trip to Thailand where the Animals wanted to be excited ultimatively watching a man being tortured to death.

The victim

Today Lucky is 29. He was slave of the perverse fantasies of members of Animal Circle.>


Sonntagsblick, Logo

12 July 1998: <Basel sex ring: This is the crocodile> - René F.="crocodile" - all in all 120 members of Animal Circle, from Basel upper class and international members

There are always more victims of criminal pedophile "Animal Circle" telling and reporting atrocities. Criminal pederasty and possession of child porn in Animal Circle is confirmed by several victims now, but limitation of actions does not permit any prosecution. Only the possession of child porn found during the house search is qualified as a statutory offense.

from: Sunday's Blick: Basler Sexring: Das ist das Krokodil; 12 July 1998; number 28, page A10

<Lucky (29) - he was only 14 years old when he got into the clutches of Crocodile. To Sunday's Blick he reported exclusively how he was abused by a multi millionaire. How he was awarded by Animal Circle by the admission into the men's circle getting the name of "rail", a moorhen.

Crocodile's civil name is René F. (64). And: He is the boss of Animal Circle. Members are reputated men; doctors (physicians), chemists, managers, mainly from Basel upper class, but not only. Animal Circle is an international corporation. Some of the 120 members come from Morocco, Thailand, Spain, England, and Germany. And they all are afraid. Because Lucky is not a singular case. Always more victims are speaking openly about the traumatic events of their childhood.

[With 11 years all began in Animal Circle: beer, smoking, poppers drugs - sex films - sex - up to 20 hours party]

Beat* (35) is fighting with the tears. His voice is slowing down: "In these times I was 11 years old. I had to drink beer, had to smoke hashish, had to sniff poppers, had to see the most dreadful sex films, and then Crocodile took me." Nowadays he tries handling this with painting. Beat: "The orgies sometimes were for 20 hours."

[With 13 years watching films with violations - violation by "Crocodile" and two colleagues - drinking urine - torture with pins]

Also Reto* (32), a very strong man, is telling about his pain in his heart. "With 13 years I had to watch a film with a rock band violating a 13 years old girl. It was on an altar. Since this moment I cannot enter any church any more." Reto is crying: "Crocodile violated me with two colleagues". I had to drink urine and was tortured on my genitalia with pins."

Crocodile denying all

And what Crocodile says? "That's all bad fantasy. I never slept with boys."

Basel police performed three house searches in the flats of crocodile this week. Confiscated material was:

-- 98 films in super 8, among them child porn and films showing sex with animals
-- and 100s of photos with naked men
-- and the diaries of Crocodile of the passed 20 years
-- and the list of names of the members of the Animal Circle.

[Melzl regrets the statute of limitations of 10 years since the criminal action - national deputy von Felten wants statute of limitation since maturity]

Detective superintendent Markus Melzl, speaker of public prosecution service: "We also detected a trap door in the floor disguised with a carpet and with a chair." But Melzl is afraid that most of the assumed criminalities all have passed the statute of limitations. Socialist national deputy Margrit von Felten says: "The statute of limitations have to be absolutely extended. Concretely: They should begin only since maturity of the victim. Who abuses children is committing murder of souls."

* name known to the editor

Police searching more victims of Crocodile

Public prosecution service of the town of Basel is calling that all victims of Animal Circle will communicate instantly (061-267 71 71). Detective superintendent Markus Melzl: "Our officials are in the position persecuting the questioning in a good way. There is a victim's help law. The questioning will be with persons of the same sex. The victims can take a confidential person of their choice with them. In the emergency case there is a psychological assistance."


Basler Zeitung, Logo

16 July 1998: <Many animal stories about Basel "Animal Circle"> - Basel daily newspaper BaZ appeasing that this would be only a local gay club

This article of Basel Newspaper (Basler Zeitung) is obliterating the facts which is corrected in [squared brackets].

from: Viele animalische Geschichten über den Basler Tierkreis; Basler Zeitung; 16 July 1998; edition no. 163, page 21

<msu Markus Sutter

Since the beginning of July the strongest newspaper of Switzerland [Blick] is reporting regularly about a regional event

[false, the Animal Circle is an international affair]

but seen in a phrenological way all this is not worth one single line [because all is "lapsed"]: Because until now the facts are missing that pedophile had acted out their perverse tendencies in an "Animal Circle sex club"

[wrong, there is the report of witness Lucky and this is enough, but the action is "lapsed"].

But a doctor (physician) has to be ready being reported to the police.

Basel. msu. It was a striking headline telling "Basel sex ring detected! - Doctors and managers abused children" from Sunday's Blick at the beginning of summer holidays provoking much freight in the traditionally time of poor news. Chief witness was a 29 years old man. According to the statement of the victim many prominent members of Basel [and also foreigners] had performed forbidden sexual actions with children.

At least one statement is not right in the last sentence: On the list with more than 120 members which is in the hands of the public prosecution service nobody could be found which was a member of "high society", detective superintendent Markus Melzl stated yesterday to journalists of BaZ (Basel Newspaper, Basler Zeitung). Who wanted to find a politician was searching in vain for example.

[It seems as if somebody had called to Basel public prosecution service that nobody should be "insulted", otherwise there would happen "something". The main witness Lucky dependent of methadone is presented as an incredible person now].

Disturbed with the cases - [Lucky is said having satisfied Dr. K. orally voluntarily]

And the speaker of Basel public prosecution service is pointing out above all the fact that there are two cases mixed which basically have nothing to do with each other, but the media would mix them again and again. Only the victim played two times a central part in both cases. The first case was about an elder doctor who had sexual contact to the 29 year old main witness Lucky  and is said having exploited the addiction of methadone. This first lawsuit had been stopped in 16 January 1996 because the younger man spoke of a voluntary love affair to the doctor. But an advisor had not taken earnest this statement as it seems as it seems and the lawsuit was reopened.

Former statements corrected - [Lucky speaks of attempts of pressure and of exploiting of a hardship by Dr. K.]

Lucky contradicted his former statement of before and now spoke about attempts of pressure and about a relationship of dependence. According to the present data of facts the doctor has to await a lawsuit because of sexual compulsion or exploitation of a hardship, Melzl said. There is no reason not to believe the young man.

[Purchase of child porn is no statutory offense in Basel]

That's what has to be said about the first case. Now the second case is with the so called "Animal Circle" (German: "Tierkreis") which Lucky was indicating in another investigation. The reproaches connected with this were heavy that a sado maso ring of men had abused and tortured teens. There had been two house searches and a lot of porn material - also about children - was found. But all confiscated material was purchased and not produced. Therefore also in this case no relevant statutory offense can be found. Because the simple possession of such material is tolerated in Switzerland.

It seems that all is "lapsed" - [Animal Circle existed since the 1950s already - connections to the Dutroux case is denied by Basel Newspaper (Basler Zeitung, BaZ)]

Indictable are only sexual actions with children under 16 years. Hard proofs for pedophile actions are missing until now. And when there had been pedophile action, so all would be "lapsed" - according Melzl - after 10 years, in exemptions after 15 years (when a culprit had been in jail for another case e.g.). Therefore Lucky with his 29 years is rated not as a victim any more, and also the 54 year old man who had made a written statement indicating having been abused with 14 by "members of Animal Circle" is not rated as a victim any more.

"But we a bad law enforcement agency when there would be the argument that all had been lapsed", Melzl stated to Basel Newspaper (Basler Zeitung, BaZ). The affected should come and give their experience to the authorities in any case, coming with a person of their confidence. The interrogation would be performed according to the victim's help law.

At the other hand there cannot be excluded that above all Zurich media [competitors to Basel media] have exaggerated the "Animal Circle" story, and have presented it in a one-sided way. A very good example is the review "Facts" presenting "rumors" about the connection of the "Basel men's ring to child abuser Dutroux", and also a photo of the detained Belgian was presented in the same article.

[The public prosecution service is acting in a simple way stating that all has "lapsed", and by this no name has to be published. Juridically that's like this].

No moralizers - [now Basel Newspaper (BaZ) claims that the Animal Circle would be only a club of adult gays]

Melzl would never state a rumor. Well, the detective superintendent is stating for sure that the location of the action was not a club of literature. But it seems having been a preferred meeting point for gays. But Basel public prosecution service is not pursuing gays, and has no right to act as a moralizer, Melzl stressed.

"Members of Animal Circle" are communicating

[Sex with children is denied, and also women and non gays are said having been "member" of the Animal Circle - names of animals were given "as a joke"]

One member of "Animal Circle" was angry about the media and the Sunday's press communicating with Basel Newspaper (BaZ) directly indicating that he knew a lot about this circle since a long time. There were many rent boys there. But he does not know anybody who had done anything with child pron he claimed. On the list of 120 persons there are also some women and non gays. They all had been qualified as members and had been given names of animals as a joke by the boss.

For example "Crocodile", the boss of the organization, named the sister of the caller a "horse".

Now some Internet freaks were finding the real names of some members of "Animal Circle" using the initials, and now some of the members feel embarrassed and are threatening with juridical steps. Markus Melzl would be glad when the affected would communicate with him or with the group for sexual crimes with criminal police.>


              Zeitung, Logo

25.7.1998: <Town of Basel: New reproaches against Basel Animal Circle> - 3 more victims

from: Basler Zeitung: Basel-Stadt: Neue Vorwürfe gegen Basler "Tierkreis"; 25.7.1998; edition no. 171, page 29

<vks Valentin Kressler

Within the investigations against Basel "Animal Circle" (German: "Basler Tierkreis") three more potential affected have appeared. But juridically there is no relevant action detected.

[3 more victims - two more statements given to Basel public prosecution service - the 10 years period of limitation is protecting the culprits of Animal Circle]

vks. There is more information in the affair about the organization "Animal Circle" (German: "Tierkreis") which members have allegedly abused teens sexually: Since the article of Basel Newspaper (BaZ) of 16 July the public prosecution service not only has the information of 29 year old "Lucky" [Lukas Frey] who started with all information, but there are three more potentially affected persons, media speaker Markus Melzl reported after a request. Investigation authorities could put down the statements of two of these victims yesterday and before two days. The facts - according to Melzl - are indicating that the reproaches indicated by "Lucky" would be confirmed.

"The main reproach is that there had been sexual action between the members of Animal Circle and the affected when they had not been 16 year old yet", the speaker of public prosecution service said. Therefore, article no. 187 of Swiss Criminal Code (sexual action with children) would be fulfilled (sexual action with children) eventually. Would be, because all action indicated has been lapsed since a long time - as it is the case with "Lucky". The statute of limitation is 10 years since the last action. Public prosecution service cannot present any relevant criminal action, so. Therefore there cannot be any lawsuit, Melzl clearly states, and therefore there had not been any questioning [with the culprits].

The three newly turned up affected are two men from Basel (32 and 54 year old), and one elder man of the region of Constance (German: Konstanz). The latter has not made any statement at public prosecution service because he is in holidays in the USA at the moment.

[Idea of Melzl for a new limitation: 10 years since to be adult]

In a conversation with Basel Newspaper (BaZ) Melzl showed his discontent with the present law: "The today's law of statute of limitation with sexual criminalities is not satisfying. 10 years of limitation since to be adult would be more reasonable. This also would have a great preventive effect." The next steps will be more questionings of witnesses, the media speaker said. He also hoped that more affected would speak with the public prosecution service and could give indication about judicially relevant actions.

["Crocodile" denies sex with children or teens]

The presumable boss of "Animal Circle" (German: "Tierkreis"), a former procurator with the pseudonym "Crocodile" ("Krokodil") did not want to say anything to the latest reproaches. But the man indicated that there had never been any sexual action with minors.>

[But according to the victims just this is absolute lie, and it does not seem logic why the victims are charging the members of this circle when it would not be right].


Sonntagsblick, Logo

9 August 1998: <Campaign against "Animal Circle"> - big list of names and mass questioning projected

from: Sunday's Blick: Offensive gegen "Tierkreis"; 9 August 1998; number 32, page A15

<BASEL - Basel police is making a campaign against sex "Animal Circle". Mass questioning is projected. "Performing house searches we could find dozens of names", Markus Melzl from public prosecution service declared. "We will contact all these persons now." Until these days police could find out four victims giving testimony that they were sexually abused by members of "Animal Circle" when they had been children yet. Melzl: "But these actions all have lapsed. Now we are looking for affected people with an abuse which has not lapsed yet.>

And what has happened then?

There are rumors that highly ranked European politicians and bankers are in this criminal Animal Circle like

-- a former UBS boss without regular banker's education

-- a former chancellor of Germany with an eagle's face

-- a former member of Swiss government with an innocent face

-- a member of present Basel government

and so on.

Perhaps Basel public prosecution service and Swiss press were bribed by the culprits, so there was no further news.

Add to this it's a fact that children are disappearing every year in all the world - and these children are in the hands of criminal pedophile circles, for example of Animal Circle, and eventually the children are killed eliminating any mark.

Some political madness in the world like the creation of an "Euro" is explainable admitting that this criminal pedophile Animal Circle is an important international political center for meetings.

Journalists and public prosecution services, please come out with the truth and don't allow action of criminal pedophile Animal Circle and other pedophile circles any more but protect the world of this criminals - not important which political rank they have. Also the bosses of politics have to accept the law of unharmed childhood!

Michael Palomino, 24 February 2011


Summary of news about "Basel Animal Circle" ("Basler Tierkreis") - January 14, 2014

Information from November 8, 2010: orphanage of Basel selling children in the 1970s

Making a summary with news from Swiss juridical circles about criminal money laundering pedophile UBS AG in Basel (Ospel and Villiger etc.) there was a striking e-mail:

6:23 pm (MET)

Criminal militaristic teacher Mr. Walter Fankhauser is under suspicion: in the orphanage of Basel children were disappearing

H. sees a suspicion with criminal teacher Mr. Walter Fankhauser who was a teacher in the 1970s in Basel. Fankhauser had not only a criminal behavior to the youth fellows he was teaching but - when he was a member of criminal Socialist Party (SP) in Basel Town - then he was perhaps also involved with selling children from the orphanage. Quotation:

Original in German

<Eben wie gesagt, was Fankhauser anbelangt [...] Sollte er im Staat gearbeitet haben, oder im Waisenhaus Basel am Wettsteinplatz (auch einfach "Waiseli" genannt), dann könnte er in den 1970er Jahren beteiligt gewesen sein, in den 70er-Jahren, als die vielen Kinder in der vb (Vormundschaftsbehörde) verschwanden und verkauft wurden, die bis heute nie mehr aufgetaucht sind. Dann war mein Vater sein Erzfeind. Schaun mer mal.>

<As I said concerning Mr. Fankhauser [...] If he was a staff member of the state, or working at the orphanage in Basel at Wettstein Square (which was called simply "orphy"), then he could have been involved into actions of the 1970s when many children of Basel Guardianship Authority were disappearing for being sold and never appeared again. Then my father was is absolute enemy. Let's see.>

You check it?

There is a causal chain (thesis): orphanage is selling children - criminal pedophile "Basel Animal Circle" is purchasing, abusing, torturing and killing children

There were children from the orphanage disappearing being sold and never were seen again: Criminal pedophile "Basel Animal Circle" from Swiss Bank Corporation (Bankverein SBV with the criminal pedophile leaders Ospel and Villiger (FDP), with their assists Hubacher and Heierle from Socialist Party (SP) etc.) are under an absolute suspicion having purchased children from Basel orphanage and from other orphanages for abusing them, torturing them, and killing them - and there is the suspicion that the staff of the orphanage and the Basel Guardianship Authority got a price payed for the children.

A good friend from Switzerland is agreeing with this causal chain:

Information from January 21, 2014 - 7:20 pm (MET): thesis: orphanage sold children to "Basel Animal Circle"

And: This criminal pedophile "Basel Animal Circle" is saving it's existence with members from justice, policy and secret services

F. from criminal Switzerland is writing:

Original in German:

<Klar stimmt Deine Kausalkette…. Aber sie geht noch viel weiter. Diese kriminellen Pädos sitzen in der Justiz und Politik und sind global organisiert. Siehe Belgien mit Dutroux. Es ist ein Riesenbusiness, Die Folterpornos und Snufffilme werden überallhin verkauft. Diese Kreise sind international organisiert. Wenn Du da herumstocherst, kann es sein, dass du all dein Geld verlierst, deinen Ruf und ev. sogar dein Leben.

Darum getraut sich keiner ran! Klar sind auch die Geheimdienste involviert. Es ist zum Kotzen!>

<Of course your causal chain is right ... But there is much more. These criminal pedophiles are in justice and policy and they are organized globally. See the Dutroux case in Belgium. It's a huge business. The torture pornos and criminal movies are sold everywhere. These circles are organized internationally. When you are searching there then it can be that you will loose all your money, your fame or eventually even your life.

Therefore nobody is investigating this topic. Of course also secret services are involved. It's absolutely sickening!>

So, where is the investigation about disappeared children from the Basel orphanage and where it the investigation about purchased and killed children from "Basel Animal Circle"? When will this criminal pedophile mess in the world stop?


Michael Palomino, Portrait
Michael Palomino, portrait

28.3.2014: Swiss resistance army P-26 (founded by Hubacher) + "Basel Animal Circle" (founded by Hubacher 1964) + NATO ("rest room" in Thailand since 1964)

During my research about secret Swiss resistance army P-26 I found new things analysing the Swiss PUK report about Swiss Defense Department of 1990:

Above all searching with the side topics which are mentioned only marginal in the PUK report new results came out:

-- Mr. Cattelan was not at all the boss of P-26 for sure but he was only a foreman because he could hardly speak any English and his trips abroad were limited to Thailand trips (!); this can be found here:

-- as I was told by a Swiss who knows Thailand since 20 years 20 years ago Thais sold their children in Pattaya as slaves yet for 100 dollars per child - this I could not see any more in Pattaya during my stay from 2012 to 2014 - but it can be admitted that this was the drive founding the criminal pedophile ring "Basel Animal Circle" in Switzerland

-- as Mr. Cattelan was only making Thailand trips when he went abroad there is a big suspicion that he is also a member of this "Basel Animal Circle" because another fact is that his office (of the phantom company "Consec" at Little Tree Lane (Bäumleingasse) Nº 2) was only 100 m from Swiss Bank Corporation (Schweizerischer Bankverein) where other leading members of "Animal Circle" were managing this "circle", Mr. Ospel and Mr. Villiger, and this office of "Consec" was only 300 m away from the flat of the founder of this "Animal Circle" Mr. Helmut Hubacher (Tanner Lane, German: Gerbergässlein Nº 26)

-- now there is also the research result that this P-26 was an element of a complete network of secret armies of NATO, and P-26 was also commanded by NATO (book of Daniele Ganser: "NATO's Secret Armies: Operation GLADIO and Terrorism in Western Europe". Amazon: So P-26 was an element of NATO secret armies and was lead by NATO. That means that Switzerland is a secret NATO member and military neutrality of Switzerland is a big big LIE

-- as the secret Swiss resistance army P-26 was found by Hubacher (corresponding to indications of Swiss juridical circles; the center during "peace" times was in Oberburg near Burgdorf only about 5 km from the home village of Hubacher "Krauchthal" away), and as also "Basel Animal Circle" is found by Hubacher in 1964 (according to Swiss juridical circles) so it seems that Hubacher also had direct NATO contacts!

-- not only this, but P-26 fostered tight connections with English criminal secret service MI6 and Swiss P-26 was even installing it's radio head quarter in England, see the interview with historian Mr. Ganser ( <The summary gives the indication that there were very tight relations between P26 and British MI6. Swiss people were training in England, were installing their radio head quarter in London and were using the "Harpoon" radio system of the NATO secret armies.> Also this tight collaboration with MI6 is an absolute violation of military neutrality which is only a big big LIE

-- and when I consider how the criminal Swiss secret service was pursuing me in Thailand from 2012 to 2014 - together with criminal English men from MI6 occupying complete hotels and occupying rooms around my room and occupying houses around my house etc. - then there is the absolute suspicion that also NATO in Thailand has got a head quarter like secret and criminal Swiss intelligence service P-27, and there is the suspicion that also NATO is contaminated in a pedophile way like "Basel Animal Circle" - all this would fit to NATO because NATO is only manipulating

And there are the following facts additionally:
-- since 1964 Thailand is a NATO center because of Vietnam War (after the Tomkin case of 1964 and after the deliberate escalation whereas one has to consider that this Tomkin case probably never was) - and in Thailand B-52 bombers were loaded with their bombs and spraying airplanes were loaded with Agent Orange
-- Thailand was one of the "rest areas" for the "American" soldiers where international sex tourism was establishing with these "American" soldiers: sex tourisnm was installed in Thailand by Vietnam war since 1964.

And now there data are combining like this:
-- criminal pedophile ring "Basel Animal Circle" was founded in 1964 - the same year when NATO was starting sex tourism in Thailand with their "American" soldiers in 1964 after the alleged Tonkin case
-- and Mr. Hubacher, the founder of criminal pedophile "Basel Animal Circle" in 1964 is also the founder of P-26 and P-27 with direct contacts to the NATO
-> all this fits.

Swiss juridical circles are reporting about Hubacher that this Mr. Helmut Hubacher has contacts
-- to old communists ("Gray Eminence")
-- to neo-Nazis
and now one can complete the list with: -- (neo-Nazis of) NATO and MI6.

Thesis: NATO in Thailand (since 1964) + Hubacher with "Basel Animal Circle" in Europe (since 1964)

It seems that Mr. Helmut Hubacher has organized sex tourism in Europe since 1964 for NATO which had enjoyed it in Thailand since 1964. Thus it is probable that this criminal pedophile club "Basel Animal Circle" - founded in 1964 - got it's inspiration probably by Vietnam War by the "rest room" of NATO in Thailand...

That means NATO and criminal "U.S.A." with their criminal Vietnam War and with the Tonkin case (in 1964, which probably never had happened) detected helpless child sex system in Thailand where children were sold systematically where the "American" soldiers had their "rest rooms", and Mr. Helmut Hubacher introduced this "system" in Europe (in 1964) with "Basel Animal Circle" - probably in coordination with NATO and "high policy" in Europe.

Thus the cultural enrichment by NATO is the following: bombs, Agent Orange, manipulations, cluster mines, uranium bombs, and criminal pedophilia also destroying the children and complete peoples. And Mr. Hubacher was spreading this system destroying children also in Europe.

Protecting children from child abuse has to go together with a good school system and with a good economic system so there is a drive for intellectual development. This was not done by NATO in Asia as it seems, but they purchased and abused in Thailand also children...

There is no advertising with criminals.