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18 May 2011: film: Is Switzerland an independent country? Subtitles

by Michael Palomino (2011)

Link to the film



Michael Palomino, *1964 in Zurich, politically persecuted by criminal justice of Switzerland, since 3 years in Peru (2011)

web site www.geschichteinchronologie.ch (since 2014: www.hist-chron.com),

fought by Swiss justice with the claim it would be "racist", but logic cannot be racist.

About the film: filmmaker Martin Ulrich put me the question: "Is Switzerland an independent country?" and a little analisis results a fourfold answer. There are different points of view.

<There was the question if Switzerland would be an independent country. Well, there are several points of view:

One could mean that Switzerland is an independent country for example concerning tourism or certain products, or monitary policy. And also in some factual issues there were Swiss decisions provoking international echo. But concerning Swiss economic life the situation is another one, and there is hardly any independency, because the production and the sales depend on abroad.

Add to this there is a strong censorship in Switzerland protecting the so called international "relations". Certain facts are simply never reported, or against certain events there is simply no action. Therefore there comes up authomatically the question:

How do these international "relations" look like in fact?

Example: During Vietnam war there was the indication in Swiss newspapers that in the case of doubt Switzerland had to perform a behavior like a "Western country". This rule came from the "USA" and from the Free Masons. Therefore we know who is ruling Switzerland.

But investigating banking commerce the thing is not that simple any more. The cases are not only saving accounts and checking accounts or bourse commerce with high profits and high losses, but there are international "relations" on a criminal base that means money laundering and human trafficking for the international criminality.

How is working precisely this money laundering? It's very simple: There are bank accounts confiscated arbitrarily and sub accounts are opened. There are bank accounts of ex bank account holders which are never dissolved. And by these private account numbers is washed the criminal drug money or the money of human trafficking or of children trafficking from abroad etc. And for transports of international crime - can be drugs or women or children - there is an international airline. Therefore one understands why an international airline has gone down some years before. That was among other things for the destruction of documents: Swissair.

The key player concerning money laundering in Switzerland etc. is - according to internal information from Swiss justice - a Basel branch of a Swiss high street bank with three letters, where also a high ranked criminal pedophile group is said having it's seat called "Animal Circle" (in German: "Tierkreis") where all members have animal names with highly ranked members of whole Europe. Here one can find a part of the international relations - ubs! In this case, independence of Switzerland is abused in a big style. And federal prosecutor's office of Switzerland knows about it but simply is not acting protecting the "relations".

Another topic of Swiss economy is nuclear economy where Swiss politics are pretending an independence but in reality a complete networking with all neighboring countries is a fact, because nobody can predict where will fly a radiation cloud after a core melt accident. Independence with nuclear industry simply is not possible. Now after the catastrophe of Fukushima there is even a report saying that atomic power principally should cost 10 times as much considering precisely all risks. But this was reported in the German media only, in Swiss media this was not reported. Therefore one can see: In this case Swiss independence is used damaging the neighbors and whole population paying taxes.

Let's have a look to Swiss machine industry. Switzerland has got one of the highest patent rates world wide. But a patent does not benifit to anybody when there is not somebody coming with some money beginning with production and sellings. Therefore Switzerland has got well formed colleges of technology, but the businessemen and the banks in Switzerland often don't have the courage for own developments. They say that banking and chemistry would be enough for Switzerland. That's why Switzerland regarding machine industry is more a supplying industry with orders from abroad. That means: In this case, independence of Switzerland and the whole wisdom of the different colleges of technology is used too less.

Let's have a look to chemical industry. Swiss chemical industry in Basel made it's first big money when in about 1919 drug commerce was prohibited in whole Europe, but not so in Switzerland. Therefore with this starting capital of a 40 years monopoly on drug production and drug selling in Europe Basel chemical industry was dominating since then all media selling their pills and bringing away the population from the culture of medicinal herbs. The shareholders probably were in the government. That means: In this case the independence of Switzerland was abused for negative purposes and around 90% of the pills and other products of Swiss chemistry are poisoning livers and kidneys worldwide. But Swiss voters answered this abuse giving a popular vote for natural medicine so natural medicine has to be included in the basic health insurance. That means the following: By the popular vote independence was used positively and partly reinstalled.

Let's speak a little bit about Swiss justice yet, for example about Swiss anti racism law. This law is not a law only, but with this law is working a practice of justice which is not indicated in the text - and this was not indicated either in the voter's documentation for sure. And now concerning Holocaust Swiss justice is copying simply the German practice of justice blocking any research whereas there is a new Holocaust with new data presented since 2004, which is hidden by the media. Why Swiss justice is so stupid copying simply German justice? This is very simple: In this case left extreme and central Swiss groups and political parties were successfull robbing a part of Swiss independence driving Switzerland into the European Union where Holocaust science also is blocked mainly. Therefore Switzerland has followed the blockade. And this is really very sad.

But in other questions the independence of Switzerland is standing any test: concerning tax issues, concerning building regulations, concerning the language in education facilities concerning traffic issues and so on and so on. It seems strange but until now was no popular vote in the issue of the noise of "Christian" church bells or there is missing a general popular vote that religions have to sign Human Rights. Then the loud church bells would be prohibited immediately or during the night at least. One can see, there is much to be done yet. In some kind the anti racism law and the anti racism commission of Mr. Kreis have failed totally concerning the last two points.

Therefore Switzerland can be proud on Toblerone and potato cakes "Rösti". But one has really to consider: There are many persons today with a Swiss passport only eating Turkish food, or living in Basel and they hardly can speak German. In such cases always popular votes are wanted for a correction of the situation.

Let's make a summary: We see the following four procedures concerning the independence of Switzerland: There is people using independence of Switzerland very well, among others with popular votes. This is principally also a model for other states bevaring their independence. And there is people not using enough the independence of Switzerland because they don't believe enough in themselves. It's a pitty but there are also people who want to abolish independence of Switzerland. These are above all left extreme groups and left and central political parties, and this is partly also Swiss justice with a blockage of science. And there are persons who are sistematically abusing Swiss policy for their criminal purposes - for exampel atomic power economy or a Basel branch of a Swiss high street bank with three letters for international crime.

And federal prosecutor's office is not doing anything about it until now - ubs!

Switzerland could work more for independence

-- when the financiers had more courage fostering more products

-- when Swiss justice would not block science any more

-- when the forces who want to abolish independence of Switzerland would emigrate

-- and when the independence of Switzerland would be less abused.

So, go on Switzerland!

Thank you for your attention.>

Michael Palomino. Logic cannot be racist.

Swiss justice needs logic.

web site: www.geschichteinchronologie.ch (since 2014: www.hist-chron.com)